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 Taco and Coco, born December 30th 2020 on Ambergris Caye, were adopted at one month old by Danny Lighter and friends at Matachica Resort and Spa. It was the end of one of the more devastating years in recent history, and the addition of two puppy friends would soon bring smiles, essential during a panicking situation. At three months old the pups would be separated, sister Coco would be leaving San Pedro, trading the island life for freedom in the rainforest with her very own waterfall. It would be great to have a couple of guest companions when staying at Matachica and Gaia, thought Daniel. Since dogs are known around the world as man’s best friend, and this statement can never be more true when it comes to Taco and Coco. So it was decided, Gaia Riverlodge, sister property to Matachica would most certainly be the perfect tranquil home to a loving pet.


         The dynamic duo is a mixture of Labrador Retriever and the common “Pot   Licka,” universally recognized by any Belizean, and although the term Pot Licka has come to be known as a basic indeterminate dog, which can be found just about anywhere, they are also known for their durability and natural survival instincts. For this matter, they have purposely been crossbred over the lines of history. For instance, a PitBull fanatic might mix Pot Licka genes in a few generations of puppies, this makes them much less sensitive to puppy infections, since Pot Lickas has over the corse of history adapted to combat a lot of what could be threatening to much more delicate breeds. This foundation in DNA and being the offsprings of a Labrador, makes Taco and Coco not just intelligent and happy, but also very resilient to the conditions they live in.



        Taco trains on the beach. He’s been doing so ever since he was three months old! It’s no wonder he’s a champion, but we’ll get to that soon. Alesandro had been working at Matachica, and his natural love for animals made him the perfect fit to care for a young Taco, preparing him to be everyone’s new best friend when staying at Matachica. Growing into a handsome young pup, Taco knew how if he jumped through hoops he could get a treat, and if he sat when he was told to, he was deemed a “good boy” and Taco loved this feeling. He is able to grow big and strong on the beach, while also developing meaningful relationships with guests staying at Matachica. Dogs provide comfort to humans, many travelers don’t get to travel with their pets, so meeting Taco at a luxury resort sure brings a right at home feeling. Thanks to all Taco’s impressive skills, he soon became a hit sensation on the island, being well known as the Taco from Matachica.



        The Truck Stop held their annual Pot Licka Dog Show, it was Taco’s first appearance. Going up against great competition, made him very nervous, but he was not about to let all that great training with Alesando go to waste. No, Taco just could not let down Alesando, all the pretty girls watching him, and all his friends at Matachica. The man with the microphone called his name. Deep breaths Taco. Take a swallow. Take the stage. It’s hard not to get distracted by all the eyes, by the cute husky, and to make it all worse, the humans and their great smelling food! Down the line of obstacles went Taco on his fist run, nervous energy quickly escaped through the tip of his happy tail, an “i’ve got this!” look on his face. Completing the course in record time, excellent execution and on perfect command, Taco took home the medal. Loads of treats and all the “good boy” congratulatory head rubs, this made Taco feel very confident, without words, he was boastful for weeks back at the resort.

       Sister Coco didn’t get a chance to see Taco compete, but heard great news and was thrilled for her brother’s great performance. Coco has never had the complete training such as her brother, she doesn’t do tricks for treats, she relies all on her level of adorability, and it’s been working great for her. Coco is an uncertified service dog, guests staying at Gaia fall head over heals with her charm and protective care. She makes you feel safe, leading the way through trails and accompanying you to the waterfalls, even hopping in herself showing you the best swimming areas. Filled with energy, kindness and curiosity, she roams Gaia like the assistant manager would, and Nigel may very well need to giver her this position. Coco has met many friends at the resort, and is admired by the entire team. She accompanies any one while they complete their tasks, simply providing great company can make anyones day happier.

       Taco and Coco has become like family to staff at both properties, ask just about anyone during your visit and they’re sure to begin story time with a smile. The duo has a fast growing Instagram page, where it becomes evident that Taco and Coco has touched the hearts of our visitors, adored by many and triggering great excitement to revisit and spend quality time with the friendly pair.